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Latest News

Protect your crop against harmful exhaust gasses from CO2 enrichment

During cultivation, harmful gases may accumulate unnoticed in the greenhouse. A small amount of ethylene or a short exposure to the crop may already cause invisible damage or interfere with photosynthesis.

Anti-Reflection (AR) available for everyone

A part of the sun light reflects on greenhouse glass and therefore does not reach the crop. During new greenhouse construction the grower can choose for anti-reflective glass to reduce the reflection and to improve the light transmission.

Pellikaan Plant Clamping Systems presents 'crop hook 2.0'

The Qlipr plant clamping system - a system that has already gained a strong footing in the cucumber and tomato cultivation sector - consists of the popular galvanised crop hook, in combination with two stainless steel clips.

A Short Payback Period for Illumitex LEDs vs. 1000 W HPS

Illumitex, founded in 2005, is a trusted solutions provider in American-made horticultural and industrial LED lighting, offering superior products and services from highly skilled growers and horticulturists. 

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