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Latest News

Looking back at 2 years of Ridder Climate Screens

Ridder Climate Screens was set up about two years ago. The business was established at a time when screening trends were becoming more and more apparent: screening technology allows you to conserve more energy and let through more light when your crops need it most. We spoke to Mario Scherpenzeel, Business Unit Manager of Ridder Climate Screens.

UmbraTex® Shading Fabrics

HUESKER supplies UmbraTex® shading fabrics for your professional horticulture - state-of-the-art screens made from fine-meshed, high-strength polyester fabric of highest qualities. UmbraTex® is available in various shading coefficients and used for indoor shading systems like roll screens, horizontal screens and gable screens.

Working time reduced by one-third thanks to Qlipr’

Cucumber grower Herman Keijsers has been using the Qlipr system since 2003. This grower and advisor is fully convinced: he finds the system simple, flexible, durable and efficient.

INVERCA. The beginning of a new age

With more than 30 years experience in the horticulture sector, protected crops and turnkey projects, the company INVERCA takes a step forward with an expected generational change, that will surely furnish the impulse that is needed in this world, always constantly changing, which it is the protected agriculture and everything that surrounds it.

Welcome To UGB

Creator and publisher of the “U Gaat Bouwen” concept since 1991, Weert (the Netherlands). Releases in the sectors greenhouse construction, horticulture, livestockhousing, demolition and private building.

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