New AGRiPROM innovation! AGRiFLEX gel mattress for increased comfort

Agriprom introduces a new cow mattress with a core of gel foam and latex. The combination of high elastic gel and Energetic Ecolatex® guarantee perfect weight distribution and comfort. The mattress moves along with the legs and heels of the cow resulting in fewer leg problems.

•  Improved weight distribution
•  Mattress moves better along with the heels
•  Cows rest longer thus increased production
•  Hygienic, top layer is easy to clean, less infections
•  Remains elastic and does not deform (DLG tested ++)
•  Cows stand up easily
•  Requires little or no sawdust
•  Is labor-saving

Top mat of 100% rubber
The 4,5 mm top mat is solid and consist of 100% rubber. The rubber is reinforced by a nylon layer so the mat remains its original size no matter what temperature. The top of the mat is finished with a tissue profile for optimal grip. The rubber surface can be cleaned with a high pressure cleaner (max. 120 bar, flat jet).

Energetic® Gel underlayer
The Agriflex gel mattress contains a 50 mm under layer consisting of three layers. The familiar Energetic Ecolatex® layer provides elasticity and keeps the mattress from deformation. The innovative gel layer provides even more comfort. The lower layer consists of a water-resistant Ecorub® layer that protects the mattress against moisture. 

The Dairy Campus (Wageningen University) has purchased the gel mattress for their new barns. This center for research and education just opened up their campus and installed Agriprom’s animal friendly ‘Release’ Free Stalls as well.

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