Val-CO High Pressure Fogging

Posted on 27 March 2015 Our PolAIR high pressure fogging system has an operating pressure of 70 to 105 Bar. The PolAIR system generates mircon sized droplets evenly throughout your greenhouse. As a result, the atmospheric humidity can be easily and efficiently brought to and maintained at the right level. If desired, the system can also be use to control temperature. The complete PolAIR high pressure fogging system includes a pump with a control unit. The system is provided with various safety measures like high pressure protection, thermic protection and a flush system to prevent legionella. The control unit controls the entire pump unit and is easy to use. Or control unit is developed in such a way that it can easily be connected to your current mainframe for climate control system. Contact Frits Bennik at Val-Co B.V. for more information or a quotation.
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