Buitendijk-Slaman “Kartman”

Buitendijk-Slaman is a Dutch company who is producing internal logistics systems for the horticulture and industry for almost 40 years. One of their first products was the electric three wheel tow truck. This tow truck has always been famous for its robustness, high quality and high performance. Until this day, the appearance has never been changed and you can still find this characteristic looking tow truck all over the world at all different sorts of companies. Some of these trolleys are over 35 years old.

For over 35 years, hammertone green was the trusted color for all the Buitendijk-Slaman machines and trolleys. In this period, many machines and trolleys have found their way to many reliable years of duty. In 2012, Buitendijk-Slaman presented “the new green” as the fresh new color for the complete product line on the Horti-Fair in Amsterdam. The reactions on “the new green” were unanimous positive. The new green color was already in the logo for years but now, also on our products. With these new colors, Buitendijk-Slaman gives a new business card for a future full of trust and developments on innovation and improvement of horticultural machinery.

With changing the colors, Buitendijk-Slaman also decided to redesign the complete line of products, starting with the ones which needed it the most. One of the results is the “Kartman”, the new and improved version of the distinguished three wheel tow truck. This tow truck is ready for the future with its looks and improvements.

Some of these improvements are: Changing the “bicycle” steering wheel into a round steering wheel and replacing the manual handbrake by an electric one. This tow truck will also be available with a pulling strength of 2000 and 3000 Kg.

More information: www.buitendijk-slaman.nl