The innovative Red Mite Monitoring system

Red mites or blood lice are one of the major threats to poultry.n In the Netherlands, 96% of all laying sheds suffer from these lice, which feed on the animals’ blood at night. They can cause anemia and increase mortality and susceptibility to disease in the animals. The hens lose 2.5% of their blood per day and eat up to 40% more food to boost the production of the blood lost to the parasites. Animal weight and egg weight decrease considerably. The hens lose feathers and exhibit stress and pecking behavior. In other words, due to lower feed efficiency, egg production, egg quality and animal weight, the small parasites are a costly problem for the poultry sector. In Europe alone, the estimated total annual cost of red mite infestations is around 360 million Euros, with more than 300 million chickens in all production types suffering from it. In addition, the enormous damage caused by the so-called Fipronil affair in 2017, more than 75 million euros, just for the sector in the Netherlands, is not counted.

With the MiteAlert® Red Mite Monitoring system, a poultry farmer can get and keep track of the size and development of a red mite population in a housing system. And determine a treatment moment on that basis. This also provides insight into the effect of a treatment on the decrease in the red mite population.

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