Koppert - Macrocheles

New soil-dwelling predatory mite (Macrocheles) very effective against thrips infestations

Koppert Biological Systems is launching a new product to support integrated thrips control. The first results from the world of practice are very promising.

Macrocheles is a relatively large soil-dwelling predatory mite with a huge and diverse appetite. Independent research has shown that it is also very effective in combating thrips pupae. However, it also feeds on mosquito and fly larvae as well as the eggs and young caterpillars of Duponchelia, to name just a few of the items on its menu. In short, it's a real glutton. Another advantage of Macrocheles is that it can establish a large population much more quickly than Hypoaspis species, which means that this predatory mite has a shorter response time when problems arise. It can be used very effectively in the ornamentals sector.

Macrocheles robustulus should be released at a density of 250 mites per square metre. The use of a cover layer, such as Biotop, increases its effectiveness, as the extra soil nutrients added stimulate the predatory mite population and magnify the result obtained.

More information: www.koppert.com