Qlipr, the sustainable, efficient clamping system

for cucumber and tomato production

The Qlipr plant clamping system, which consists of a galvanised crop hook and two stainless steel clips, has more than earned its place in cucumber and tomato production with over 12 million Qlipr clips sold worldwide to date. Qlipr is easy to use and labour-saving and can be used in all growing methods. It also has sustainability benefits: it leaves no plastic or string residues in the crop. This makes Qlipr an environmentally sound, future-proof growing system!

Christian Wimmer, Gemϋsebau Wimmer, Graz (Austria)

‘Easy to use and sustainable
“The Qlipr system is so easy to use – anyone can work with it. That was my main reason for choosing Qlipr back in 1998. Add to this the fact that it leaves behind no plastic or string residues and we have yet another advantage: we compost all our spent crops for use on our own plots are therefore able to work as sustainably as possible. I have developed my own ‘Qlipr method’ for conventional cucumber production. This growing method is ideal for growers with less height in their greenhouses – mine is 4.5 m high – who don’t want to grow with high wires. Qlipr can benefit them too!” 

Jesus Medellin, Houwelings (cucumbers and tomatoes), Camarillo (USA)

‘Qlipr definitely has the edge’
“The added value of the Qlipr system lies in the fact that it enables you to combine several activities within one process. This saves time and increases employee productivity. And because plants are automatically brought down along the hook, the crop grows more evenly. Sustainability too is an important aspect for us: working in a sustainable, environmentally-sound way is a top priority at Houwelings. And our customers are increasingly demanding this too. All in all, Qlipr definitely has the edge over other growing systems. We are therefore considering using the Qlipr system for our tomatoes as well. In this area too we are expecting it to deliver added value.” 

More information: www.pellikaanq.nl