The Dutch climate screen

Responding to the growing demand for a high-quality alternative, Ridder Climate Screens stepped into the dynamic world of greenhouse climate screens in February 2015. More and more greenhouse builders, installers and growers were looking for a new screen supplier that could compete with the offerings available at the time. Now, three years later, and with nearly 5000 acres of screens installed worldwide, Ridder Climate Screens is about to achieve another market first with the launch of a climate screen produced entirely in the Netherlands.

Over the past three years, we've managed to build a solid reputation as a trusted and reliable supplier of climate, energy-saving and light restriction and black out screens. We've shown how important it is to anticipate market developments and respond swiftly to the needs of greenhouse builders and installers. The synergy within the Ridder Group allows us to fully utilize an extensive network of contacts and draw on a wealth of knowledge and experience. This means we can serve customers worldwide. 

The ever-growing demand for our products has led to our decision to invest in the in-house production of climate screens at our headquarters in the Netherlands. Despite the fact that we always carry plenty of screen stock, we want to be able to supply our customers with the right screen solution even faster. 

Quality control
In addition to fast delivery times, it is essential that we provide our customers with a premium quality product. In other words, the same quality that the sector has come to expect from all Ridder products. Producing screens in the heartland of international horticulture is not only conducive to monitoring quality, but also lets us pool knowledge, experience and commitment. This leaves us more room for research and the development of new innovations.

Go Dutch!
We are now the very first supplier to produce climate screens in the Netherlands.  We are extremely proud of this major step forward, which wouldn't have been possible without the trust of our customers. Together, we are putting a Dutch quality product on the map of international horticulture: from the Dutch Westland to North America, and via Asia to the Middle East.

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