Beaulieu Technical Textiles (BTT) is a woven fabrics expert for horticulture! Woven agro textiles are indispensable to professional horticulture as groundcovers, greenhouse coverings, reflective groundcovers and for foliage transport. White woven fabrics stimulate the growth and the coloration of plants and fruit. The woven coverings protect against extreme and harmful climate conditions, while its groundcovers are crucial in the ecological battle against weeds.

BTT has crucial textile building blocks for a variety of applications: 

· weed control with Agrolys® 

· growth stimulation with Agrolys® White

· climate control with Coverlys® 

· foliage transport with Translys®

Beaulieu Technical Textiles is European market leader in agro textiles and geotextiles, with one plant in Belgium and one in China. They are a global supplier and have a homologated Belgian recycling unit on-site.