Aguabel, AQUA4D and Ultra-O2 offer you a unique range of sustainable water systems. Together we have more than 5000 systems operational worldwide. We would like to give you more information about the many advantages and our possibilities for simple field tests at your location.

Aguabel is a Belgian manufacturer of disinfection equipment based on cell membrane electrolysis. References include Primato, Proefstation, Praktijkpunt Landbouw and IJscentrale.

AQUA4D is a Swiss manufacturer of water optimization systems based on emv resonance technology. References include Klaver Flowers, Together2Grow, Linflowers and FC AZ-Alkmaar.

UO2 is a South African manufacturer of micro-ultrafine oxygen bubble devices based on patented vortex technology. References include Africa, Europe, Middle East and Far East.

Aguabel and Lescrauwaet (importer Aqua4D and UO2) are independent project partners when of added value to the customer. Cooperation makes stronger: Aguabel BV would like to get in touch with independent representatives and/or resellers to help sell the Aguabel products and services. Lescrauwaet BV would like to get in contact with installers of water technology for being able to install AQUA4D and UO2 systems in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or elsewhere after assembly instruction. Aguabel and Lescrauwaet are members of Global Water Solution Technologies.

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