Artechno Growsystems

Artechno Growsystems operates as an engineering firm dedicated to the advancement and execution of Automated Vertical Farming systems

Our product range encompasses robotics, irrigation setups, seeding resolutions, harvesting setups, and comprehensive solutions for automated vertical farming as well as hydroponics within greenhouse environments.

Our core objective centers around empowering our clientele throughout the entire cultivation journey, enabling them to seamlessly integrate the complete growth process into their investments and achieve profitability.

The Artechno team boasts deep-seated connections within the realm of Dutch Horticulture. Its members possess diverse backgrounds spanning engineering, agronomy, IT, and sales. What unites us is a fervent drive to simplify, enhance effectiveness, and bolster profitability in the realm of cultivation. Drawing upon our collective expertise, we seamlessly amalgamate these diverse fields, swiftly pinpoint, elaborate upon, and actualize innovative solutions. The outcome: a design impeccably tailored to harmonize with each customer’s desires, necessities, and circumstances.

Artechno Growsystems
Bandijkweg 2
2676 LJ , Maasdijk

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6001 CL Weert, NL
+31 495 545 060