Atlantic Man., a benchmark in technological evolution in the horticultural sector, is an Italian company specializing in the development and production of automated systems designed to optimize the management of greenhouses and nurseries processes.

The range of solutions offered by Atlantic Man. to enhance the quality and yield of protected crops includes:

–  Seeding Lines:to maximize precision and efficiency in seed distribution inside trays.
–  Irrigation Booms: to ensure uniform and efficient water distribution, minimizing waste.
–  Substrate Processing Machines: to create homogeneous, high-quality mixture for optimal plant growth.
–  Tray Washers: to accelerate the cleaning and disinfecting process of seed trays while preserving seedling health.
–  Grafting Robot: for precise and clean grafting of solanaceous and cucurbitaceous plant.

By combining cutting-edge technology with deep industry know-how, Atlantic Man.’s mission is to provide horticultural professionals with solutions that enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs,and improve sustainability.

Via San Biagio 51/B
42024, 42024 Castelnovo di Sotto

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