Beaulieu Technical Textiles

Beaulieu Technical Textiles produces woven fabrics for horticultural use. We develop and produce high-performance textiles that combine sustainability and craftsmanship. Our textile competence helps the horticultural sector to cope with climate change. We embrace circularity and launch new products and standards that are ready for the future.

With a production facility in Belgium and an on-site homologated recycling unit, Beaulieu Technical Textiles is the market leader in Europe for agrotextiles.

Beaulieu Technical Textiles is setting a new standard in woven horticultural ground covers for indoor and outdoor nurseries with the launch of RECOVER, a durable, strong and more sustainable weed control solution.

The innovative woven polypropylene (PP) ground cover has been specially designed to meet the needs of nurseries for sustainability and longevity, and to reduce the carbon footprint thanks to its 30% recycled content.

BTT has crucial textile building blocks for a variety of applications:
– new standard for horticultural ground cloth with RECOVER
– ecological weed control with RECOVER and Agrolys®
– growth stimulation with Agrolys® White
– climate control with Coverlys®
– sheet transport with Translys®

Beaulieu Technical Textiles
Boulevard Industriel 3
7780 , Comines-Warneton

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6001 CL Weert, NL
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