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High tech horticultural machinery

Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics is specialised in offering logistic solutions for professional greenhousing and wants to help them to be, and stay productive.Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics believes that the best way to help professional greenhousing by delivering robust and reliable but also user-friendly products, so everyone is able of using them.


Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics
Hinnenboomstraat 1
2320 , Hoogstraten

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UV-C, guarantees on Mildew prevention in strawberries? Qii-Drive Shift UV-CTM – Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics

5 Years of intense research on strawberries, part of the Interreg North-West Europe Programme, spearheaded by the lead partner ‘Research Centre Hoogstraten – PCH’. T...
12 September 2023

Qii-Jet – Greenhouse spraying robot with tank ( With Video ! )

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A great solution, taking care of the growers

Qii-Lift H – Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics Lift trolleys, scissor lifts, lift carts, greenhouse trolleys, piperail carts, etc. nThese are a few of many names you often...
13 January 2022

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