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Superior conditions in the house

Fancom is entirely focused on achieving superior farm conditions for pig and poultry producers. And for mushroom growers. That is why we firmly believe in the value of complete farm control. With innovative farm technologies that manage and control all the processes in the house from a central location. Ventilation, heating and cooling, feed and water distribution, lighting, animal weighing and egg counting – all controlled and monitored perfectly. This enables farmers to make their production more efficient and profitable in an animal friendly way.

We are market leader in automated farm processes. Because circumstances are always changeable, we are constantly working on the next step forward and developing state-of-the-art systems. We do this together with our customers. By combining the power of innovation, leadership, empathy and partnership, Fancom guarantees solutions that benefit operational management, people, animals and the environment. Today and tomorrow.

Fancom BV
Wilhelminastraat 17
5981 XW , Panningen

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