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We offer total solutions resulting in the lowest investments costs and the highest returns possible. Take a look at our presentation and contact us for further information or an appointment. We are sure that we can also be of service to you for your building or renovation plans.

Materials for building or renovating pig houses

As a supplier to contractors and to farmers who build under their own management, Genugten Agri B.V. offers a complete package of materials and systems. You can obtain more information about a certain category by clicking on it at the products section. All our materials and systems are designed down to the last detail to ensure profitable production. No matter how good a plan is, its success depends on its implementation. In addition to supplying materials, we also take care of guidance and we provide advice and ideas until the project has been implemented. This gives you the guarantee that your pig house will satisfy all your wishes and requirements.

Genugten Agri BV
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