Green Peat Coco

Naturally Pure Coconut Substrates

Having started from humble beginnings, we at Ceilan Enterprises, manage Green peat Coco Brand Label as the subsidiary of Ceilan Enterprises, incorporated in 1997 for the purpose of promoting the Coco peat products all around the world.

Ceilan Enterprises Exports Coco peat based products to Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, United States of America and Korea Today, we tirelessly strives to provide optimum quality, competitive prices and flexibility with regards to specific & custom made customer requirements. At the same time, it is important to note that we work with major Coco peat exporters in the world by taking their subcontracts to produce Coco peat and coir products under our roof. With the loyalty towards them we confidently can say that you never need to have second thought of doing business with us. Feel free to contact us anytime and let us know.

Green Peat Coco
No. 722/2. Colombo Road
11500 , Kurana
Sri Lanka

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U Gaat Bouwen
Langpoort 2
6001 CL Weert, NL
+31 495 545 060