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Building horticulture greenhouse technology

GreenV is the portal to complete greenhouse projects, knowledge and experience. With our family of companies, we provide integrated solutions around the world for professional crop production: from vegetables to ornamentals; from super foods to soft fruits. GreenV was founded in 2021 and currently consists of:
•  Prins Group (greenhouse builder, construction, screens and insect netting)
​•  Stolze (system integrator for irrigation, electrical, automation, lighting and climate solutions)
​•  HT Verboom (internal logistic systems and automation)
​•  Green Simplicity (multi-layer, daylight-free cultivation systems)
​•  Voshol (thermal, electrical, insulation, lighting and climate control)
​•  JV Energy Solutions (located in Canada: heating, insulation, service and maintenance)
​•  Prins USA (commercial greenhouse solutions / builder)
​•  GreenV Mexico (full-service partner for Dutch horticulture solutions and service)
​•  Apex Greenhouses Australia (commercial greenhouse solutions)

Our team of horticulture experts understands your unique needs and the local circumstances that shape them.

GreenV – Building Thriving Businesses
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