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Join the growing number of growers around the world adding intelligence and automation to their greenhouse operations with our smart modules, advanced sensors, and AI-driven software.

GrowDirector 3 PRO is a fully scalable, customizable, and modular climate control system. With minimal investment, you can turn any greenhouse or agricultural operation into a smart operation. What it means for you:

•  Decrease Labor Costs by up to 53% –
Manage any sized greenhouse operation with the smallest workforce possible.
•  Reduce Grower Errors by up to 48% –
Track the consistent decline in grower errors as your AI system improves day by day.
•  Increase Yields by 31% on average –
While your expenses decrease watch your yields get boosted, harvest over harvest.
•  Reduce Consumption –
Empowered with precise data, you will decrease your resource expenses.
•  Store and analyze data to make smart decisions –
Stay informed 24/7 from anywhere with alert notifications and comprehensive analytics, take appropriate actions at any time, knowing you are also supported by AI.
•  Setup in minutes –
No need for installers, handle the installation yourself, in as little as minutes.

Grow Director Ltd.
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