Horconex B.V.

HORCONEX offers high-quality and complete turnkey solutions for sustainable cultivation processes

HORCONEX operates from Poeldijk, the Netherlands with a team of specialists. These professionals have different expertise and are committed to offering you a total solution for your horticultural projects. Over the years, HORCONEX has built up a broad European customer base. With offices in France and the Netherlands, we are never far away. HORCONEX not only offers total solutions, but also relieves you during the life cycle of your greenhouse. With service technicians within an efficient radius of our customers, we are able to respond to any issues that may arise in your business at any time of the day. At HORCONEX we put our customers first.

HORCONEX offers a range of high-quality greenhouse technologies and related systems, enabling us to realize turnkey horticultural projects. From custom project design to delivery, the entire process is in the safe hands of our reliable and expert team. Custom-made concepts have become the norm for HORCONEX. Your wishes and horticultural product are paramount.

Horconex B.V.
ABC Westland 199
2685 DB , Poeldijk

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