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Put nature into practice with smart coating solutions

Lumiforte produces smart coating solutions for greenhouse cultivation that help growers protect their crops and greenhouses against too much light and heat. The goal is to safeguard optimal production regardless of local conditions. Lumiforte offers two series of coatings under the brand names ReduSystems and Sudlac. These coatings respond to practical needs at specific locations anywhere in the world.

The coatings available under the Sudlac brand name provide the crop with maximum and effective protection against sunlight for shorter or longer periods of time, as needed. The self-cleaning coatings do not require a removal agent.

The technologically high-quality ReduSystems coatings work with greater precision and focus. These coatings control the amount of light and heat. The ReduSystems products can be combined, and they supplement each other. For example, in summer, light and heat reflecting coatings can be applied to the greenhouse cover together with a diffuse coating, while in low-light periods a coating can be used that increases the light level.

Lumiforte Holding B.V.
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