MechaTronix Europe NV

The Next Dimension in LED Grow Lights

With its headquarter in The Netherlands, high-end R&D hubs in Taipei and Kaohsiung Taiwan, and global distribution facilities in Hong Kong and the Netherlands, MechaTronix leads the world of advanced LED grow lights. As part of the 8 Lakes group with headquarter in Breda The Netherlands the company combines the high-end world of Asian technology and manufacturing with the cores and values of a West European market leader.

We bring new technologies into the world of horticulture assimilation lighting which aim at the highest yields as well as controllability and repeatability.

We challenge you to go arm-in-arm with us on your horticulture grow light adventure and guarantee you a unique journey.

MechaTronix Europe NV
Minervum 7139
4817 ZN , Breda

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