ReduSystems is the global leading brand in developing coatings and cleaners for greenhouse cultivation. Nowadays, coating the greenhouse cover no longer means just blocking light. The essence of coatings is all about controlling light. The innovative ReduSystems products provide solutions for all seasons and are developed based on the latest scientific research. The products control the incidence of natural light and heat to optimize the climate for the crop in every season – from a cooler climate in summer and more light in winter, to diffuse light and changing the light spectrum.

The coating that suits best in your situation depends on the plants’ needs and local weather conditions.

The ReduWizard app provides growers with recommendations concerning the ReduSystems products that best match their unique situation. To obtain custom recommendations you enter the crop’s details, after which the app combines this information with a database containing global climate data about precipitation, temperature, light radiation, and data about the technical properties of the ReduSystems products.

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