Reflux ltd.

Reflux Ltd is a leading Russian manufacturer of highly efficient lighting systems

Reflux Ltd offers a wide range of high-performance and economical HID lamps of own production (sodium tubular, Reflux reflector, MH tubular, MH Reflux reflector).

We produce more than 150 types of high intensity discharge sodium and metal halide lamps with power range 35W – 1000W in standard tubular bulbs as well as in unique Reflux reflector bulbs at our factory “Reflux-S” (Saransk), equipped with the present-day “General Electric” process lines. Our assortment includes dual arc-tube lamps (used in hard-to-reach spot) and metal halide lamps with ceramic technology.We regularly confirm high level of quality management system with ISO 9001:2008.

Reflux ltd.
Ryazanskiy Prospekt 30/15
109428 , Moscow - Moskva

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