Salmet-Fienhage GmbH

Your professional partner for superior poultry equipment

SALMET has been developing, manufacturing and distributing high quality poultry equipment since 1962. SALMET offers high standards, innovative ideas and fine-tuned technological solutions from it’s German facilities.

All systems are constantly being tested on SALMET farms. You can count on our long-term experience in the development and installation of superior poultry equipment. All of our knowledge – from consulting to the supply chain to the efficient installation – is taylored for your success.

High customer satisfaction – at cutting edge – is what we aim at!

Salmet-Fienhage GmbH
Vechtaer Straße 90
49424 , Lutten

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Contact information

U Gaat Bouwen
Langpoort 2
6001 CL Weert, NL
+31 495 545 060