Sims Plast Ltd

Sims Plast Ltd. A company focused on the production of PVC profiles (hydroponics) used in the field of agriculture. Until 2021, the production base was positioned in Denmark. From the beginning of 2022, the process is carried out in Bulgaria. The company works successfully with partners from Europe and Asia. In this year, one of the company’s smart goals is to expand its portfolio by starting the production of technical profiles in the field of construction. Based on good relationships with European and Asian companies, we have ambitions to work well with potential partners in the Bulgarian market as well, continuing to follow one of our most important principles for the ratio “price-quality”. Here we can be very flexible, having the opportunity to be competitive. The company’s capabilities allow building quality work with a given potential partner, depending on his interests related to the construction sector. It is important for us to maintain good practice with the clients we work with.

Sims Plast Ltd
Karanite 1040A
4140 , Rogosh

Contact information

U Gaat Bouwen
Langpoort 2
6001 CL Weert, NL
+31 495 545 060