TAPKIT Hydroponic systems

Affordable Hydroponic Businesses

The TAPKIT is the first affordable commercial hydroponics system for NFT greenhouse systems changing the way leafy vegetables (and in the future, micro-leaves) are grown and distributed.

​​For the first time, small and medium growers are able to enter the market with low initial investment costs and a ready-made solution.

TAPKIT  comes complete with everything needed to install and harvest the first crop.

With TAPKIT’s unique NFT hydroponic system, and support App developed by TAP Ltd., leafy green vegetables and fresh herbs can be grown year-round. A typical harvest cycle is 6 to 8-weeks. Installation typically takes one month.

TAPKIT Hydroponic systems
60 Nof Harim St.
42855 , Olesh

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+31 495 545 060