TAPKIT hydroponic systems

Hydroponic farm-to table Systems for small and medium businesses

TAPKIT offers a comprehensive solution tailored for family farms, resorts, and agripreneurs eager to embrace the farm-to-table movement. It presents a package specifically designed for hydroponic ventures, boasting an attractive investment-output ratio. Having achieved more than 90 successful installations spanning diverse regions such as the USA, France, Switzerland, Guyana, Israel, the Philippines, and numerous islands like Mauritius, Palau, Cyprus, and Aruba, TAPKIT makes a significant contribution to environmental conservation while promoting healthy nutrition.

Supported by its dedicated application, i-Droponics, TAPKIT guides users seamlessly through every stage, from installation and planting to ongoing maintenance and issue resolution. This innovative approach ensures a smooth transition into the realm of hydroponics, regardless of the user’s prior farming experience

500m2 modular NFT greenhouse KIT shipped in a 40 ft container
Price per TAPKIT:  € 75-85,000
Includes NFT channels, greenhouse and cover, tables, pipes, water management system, packing unit, cooling unit, and i-Droponics support App
TAPKIT system can also applied in existing greenhouses.

TAPKIT hydroponic systems
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