Complete solutions for poultry houses

With a complete line of products, VAL-CO gives you consistent performance, easy service, innovative problem solving and costeffective results. Because we control the manufacturing, we can assure premier quality and product compatibility.

VAL-CO… your one-stop shop for all your poultry production needs.

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The VAL-CO Chain Disk Feed Delivery System

The VAL-CO Chain Disk Feed Delivery System can be adapted for any house size. The self-cleaning corners can turn 180 degrees in a 24″ space and 1800′ of chain can de...
24 October 2023

VAL-CO has recently added a larger model to its extensive range of flexible transport augers

This new larger 740 model auger allows larger quantities of feed and raw materials to be transported at a faster rate. The 740, with a 108-mm metal tube, is able to ...
2 November 2022

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