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Zantingh has built their reputation on safety and reliability. They deliver high quality and reliable advice, products, systems, service and maintenance work.

The energy-saving and process control requirements for systems set by market developments are high. Customers appreciate objective and reliable advice. Zantingh consults installers, consultancies, and end users to make sure our information on preferences, requirements, options and developments within our area of expertise is always up to date. This ensures the best possible advice, systems and service.

We get off the beaten path searching for the solution that will provide the most reliable results. The immediate and future results are taken into consideration. Zantingh is, therefore, the partner to turn to for objective and reliable advice, products, maintenance work and service!

Zantingh BV
Aarbergerweg 9
1435 CA , Rijsenhout

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+31 495 545 060