CATCHY pest control solution by Davik ( With Video ! )

CATCHY is designed specifically for farmers who want to reduce their dependence on chemical sprays but at the same time, need to reduce the pest populations in the greenhouse.

CATCHY sticky roller sheets are available in three colors - yellow, blue and black. The yellow sheets actively attract and lure the widest range of flying insects including tobacco white fly, aphids, thrips, leaf miners and fungus gnats and flies that develop in the growing mulch. The blue color only attracts thrips species and flies, whereas the black is for the exclusive use to attract and trap tomato pin worm or Tuta absoluta.  

The roller sheets come in widths of 10, 20, 30 or 60cm and provide season long stickiness and insect trapping. Their use is recommended for most integrated pest management (IPM) programs. Using sticky roller sheet can reduce local pest population levels in indoor farming systems by between 50 to 70%, thus also reducing the number of sprays required to control these pests throughout the growing season and also the pesticide residue levels on the produce.


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