Netled is a Finnish company, which develops and produces innovative technology for crop production

Netled has two business areas: 1) LED lighting solutions for greenhouses and 2) vertical farming technology for controlled environment agriculture. The company was founded in 2008 by a greenhouse company to advance research and development work towards finding energy efficient solutions for greenhouse lighting. Later on, the company became independent, but has continued to develop innovative solutions for food production that LED technology makes possible. Nowadays, with comprehensive experience and know-how, Netled is one of the true experts and pioneers in utilizing the full potential of LED technology in crop production.

In greenhouse there is much to be gained by optimizing the lighting. Considering the goals for each greenhouse company individually, optimizing could mean energy savings, increased production rate, higher plant quality, steering the growth process, influencing the level or ratio of nutrients, combating plant diseases – the list goes on. The art of plant lighting with the possibilities of LEDs is so much more than just giving the plants light! 

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