Steenks Service celebrates the 30th anniversary of Reisopack

Last week Reisopack celebrated their 30th anniversary. Steenks Service visited the Spanish factory to celebrate this milestone. In these 30 years, Steenks Service has been working closely with Reisopack’s strapping machines for years.

In the beginning of 2000, the strapping machines were introduced in the greenhouse horticulture sector by Freek Steenks. The machines secured the boxes of products on pallets with strapping band instead of simple string. This was much stronger, which meant that far fewer pallets fell over during transport. The collaboration between Steenks Service and Reisopack started small and has grown into an intensive collaboration in which Steenks Service is today an official Reisopack dealer worldwide.

The first strapping machines were semi-automatic strapping machines that were only suitable for horizontal strapping of pallets at a fixed location. This has expanded greatly over the years. Reisopack’s strapping machines are available in all shapes and sizes. It is possible to strap almost everything horizontally or vertically. From boxes to pallets, from crates to shelves. Today, the machines are mainly placed in automated packaging lines. 

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