We make agriculture and horticulture grow!

We are Pentagrow BV, a trade organisation in agricultural and horticultural fertilisers. With our team of product specialists, we work with companies to achieve maximum yield and maximum crop quality with a minimal use of chemicals. We provide our customers with free advice and guidance to help them choose the right product for each growth stage of their crop. As Pentagrow is the exclusive and worldwide dealer of Pentakeep products and Pentagrow Wound Paste, our customers can expect to receive the very latest product knowledge, the highest product standards and the best service.

This unique liquid nutritional element is the only product in the world that contains 5-Aminolevulinic Acid. It supports your crop and activates metabolism. This keeps your crop stronger and more vital during cultivation. The use of Pentakeep promotes photosynthesis, which increases dry matter production, improves CO2 absorption and boosts the growth of plants, fruits and flowers. The increased uptake of CO2 improves the balance and increases production, making your crop more energetic and less susceptible to diseases and pests.

With an investment of just 1 eurocent/metre/week and an additional yield of +7% on average, the proven results of Pentakeep amongst users leads to a logical conclusion: “For a maximum yield and maximum crop qualitywith a minimal use of chemicals, Pentakeep is a perfect solution and ideal addition to my growing process.”

This wound paste, developed by Pentagrow, has many uses, including in tomato cultivation for covering wounds which arise after cutting out parts infected by Botrytis. After application of the paste, the plant’s wound will dry out, preventing further infection and promoting rapid recovery. Additional silicon (plus other elements) have been added to this paste, which mainly consists of clay. Silicon activates the immune system of your plants. This enables you to achieve maximum yield from your crops in a controlled, worry-free way.

PENTAGROW Wound Paste is available in handy 250-ml brush bottles and 10-litre refill buckets (with pump), to ensure you have the product in stock during the cultivation period.

More infortmation: www.ugaatbouwen.com/pentagrow-bv


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