Hydroponics? Tell me more…

A more efficient use of your space? A higher production of your short cycle crops per m2?
And a considerable saving on labor? Hydroponics systems could be a solution for you. It offers you a way to grow short cycle crops in water in a fully controlled manner.

What are the advantages of Hydroponics compared to soil-bound cultivation?
• Year-round production
Climate and water temperature is much more controllable than the soil temperature in conventional systems. This allows growth to remain at a high level even in cold periods of the year.

• Less water consumption
10 to 20 times less water consumption than soil-based cultivation

• Accelerated growth
Water and nutrients are freely available to the crop in hydroponic systems, this accelerates growth by 25-30%

• Low disease pressure and less use of nutrients
No loss of nutrients through leaching to deeper soil layers and low disease pressure.

Two main systems are common within hydroponics: Deep Flow Technology (DFT) and Nutrient Film Technology (NFT). A DFT system consists out of large ponds on which the crops are placed in floats on top of the water and where the roots are continuously suspended in the pond water. A NFT system consists of gutters in which the plants stand and where water flows around the roots of the crop.

Advantages DFT:
• DFT systems have an enormous heat & cold buffer due to the large amount of water and nutrient solution in the ponds. This buffer is
  also covered by a layer of insulating floats and limits the energy consumption for heating and cooling the nutrient solution.

• The growth of the crop is insensitive to technical disturbances; water and nutrients are always sufficiently available

• Floats are ergonomically designed and suitable for manual and automated systems.

• Ponds can be easily adapted to the dimensions of the greenhouse.

• Food, oxygen and CO2 are available without restriction, so that the plant can achieve maximum growth.

Advantages of NFT:
• NFT systems are lightweight and therefore also suitable for vertical farming.

• Spaces between the gutters make air circulation around the plant and addition of eg CO2 easy.

• Food, oxygen and CO2 are available without restriction, so that the plant can achieve maximum growth.

Industrial Product Solutions (IPS) develop, produce and supplies original and innovative technological solutions for growing plants. They use the latest technologies in the field of growing, harvesting and packaging. In the IPS hydroponics systems, cycles of water and fertilizer are completely closed. This cultivation method is therefore considered to be very environmentally friendly.

IPS supplies both DFT and NFT hydroponic systems for short cycle crops. Their systems achieve maximum yield with minimal input from natural resources and labor.

Curious what they can do for you? Feel free to contact them via info@industrialproductsolutions.nl or check out their website: www.industrialproductsolutions.nl