PHOTONTEK Horticultural Lighting Unveils Revolutionary Greenhouse Lighting Solutions for Growers

PHOTONTEK Horticultural Lighting, a leading innovator in the field of horticultural lighting, is proud to introduce a groundbreaking range of greenhouse lighting solutions designed to elevate grower’s experiences and revolutionize indoor cultivation. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for empowering growers, PHOTONTEK unveils four cutting-edge LED fixtures tailored to meet the diverse needs of horticulturists.

1050W GH Top Light LED (Red + Blue)
PHOTONTEK’s latest LED unit is a powerhouse specifically crafted for high-yield greenhouse cultivation. Boasting double the light output of traditional 1000W HPS units, this fixture offers an optimized balanced spectrum. Its innovative design ensures efficient cooling, guaranteeing a long product lifespan and top-tier performance with minimal upkeep.

i850W Top Light Full-Spectrum LED 400V
Designed for large-scale indoor projects, the i850W Top Light Full-Spectrum LED 400V delivers up to 30% energy savings compared to traditional 1000W HID lights. Its exceptional light output and efficiency maximize indoor crop productivity while significantly reducing operational costs. The fixture features an outstanding passive cooling system, ensuring longevity with minimal maintenance.

680W GH TOP LIGHT LED (Red + Blue)
This compact and efficient solution for greenhouse lighting is designed to replace HPS lights while significantly reducing operational costs. With impressive energy savings of up to 40% and improved light distribution, these LED fixtures are the perfect choice for greenhouse use, ensuring success throughout the year.

680W GH TOP LIGHT LED (White + Red)
Optimized for vegetative growth stages and low PPFD target flowering or vinery crops, this fixture features a balanced spectrum with an emphasis on red and white light, ensuring efficient canopy penetration. It is part of PHOTONTEK's innovative, slim, and powerful Top Light LED series, designed specifically for greenhouse use.

PHOTONTEK Horticultural Lighting stands at the forefront of the industry, offering growers world-class performance year-round with the highest-quality components. Each fixture is meticulously engineered to cater to various cultivation needs, promising exceptional results and unmatched reliability.

About PHOTONTEK Horticultural Lighting:
PHOTONTEK Horticultural Lighting is dedicated to delivering world-class, dependable, and intelligent LED lighting fixtures designed exclusively for growers. Founded by passionate growers, the company's products are crafted using the highest-grade materials and components, ensuring safety, dependability, and top-tier performance.

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