Custom made packaging line at Van der Salm Boskoop saves 10 employees

In collaboration with Hocuma, Van der Salm Boskoop has had a custom made automatic packaging line installed specifically for packing plants in boxes. Hocuma is a company that specializes in custom-made packaging solutions, with a focus on the floriculture industry. At Salm Boskoop, the question was to automate the process from box set-up to the completely packed product on the pallet. 

The packaging process was already done manually and Hocuma used this as the basis for an automatic packaging solution. The solution consists of machines that automatically fold, seal, and stack the boxes on the pallet. It was then chosen to strap this pallet with corner board by a fully automatic Reisopack strapping machine from Steenks Service. Previously, the pallet was wrapped with plastic tape, but this was not sturdy enough. The strapping machine was integrated into the packaging line by Hocuma.

The result of this custom-made packaging line for Van der Salm Boskoop is a labour saving of 10 employees. Box folding and sealing saves 6 employees and stacking and strapping saves another 4 employees. In addition, automatic stacking and strapping ensures a much tighter end result than when this was done manually. Each pallet is now straight and firm making it easier to load it into the truck.

Check the end result in the video below:


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