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Qii-Lift H – Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics

Lift trolleys, scissor lifts, lift carts, greenhouse trolleys, piperail carts, etc.  
These are a few of many names you often used to hear in the greenhouses which basically refer to a crop working trolley all the growers depend on for their day-to-day crop work.  

These days however, the market is more likely to speak about the Qii-Lift, which has become an unmistakable synonym for the crop working trolleys.  Coming close to celebrating its 10th year anniversary, we would like to bring honour and privilege to our Qii-Lift series and at the same time thank all our well esteemed customers for continuously working closely together with us, allowing for such success stories to see the light of day.

Crop working trolleys of course have been built far longer than 10 years, but it was the launch of the Qii-Lift series in 2012 that really set a new benchmark within the greenhouse industry. 

Spearheading the implementation of advanced technology and modern electronics, the Qii-Lift series is an inspired vision of our company owner who helped form the modern day landscape of advanced and automated internal greenhouse logistics.  

Recognized by its users and the competing industry, hitting that mark indicates high industrial quality standards, the level of safety and intelligence and the undisputable reliability requirements.
R&D targets which have become exemplar for many others in the industry, confirming the Qii-Lift series has been the benchmark ever since and continues to be to this day.

It comes down to the perfect mix of the small novelties, the subtle continuous improvements, the sleek design and technological intelligence embedded in the heart of the Qii-Lift. 

We continue aiming high and take pride of successfully hitting the mark, with our Qii-Lift series being a first tier innovation that provides undisputable technological advantages which increase efficiency of its users.

More information: www.ugaatbouwen.com/bogaerts-greenhouse-logistics


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