Greenhouse Drone technology is not the future, it is Now

Corvus Drones develops a fully automatic flying drone that can monitor crops and collect data in the greenhouse horticulture sector. Corvus Drones are commercial with the top flight crops with application like:

•  Seed germination. 
•  Growth monitoring. 
•  Flower detection. 
•  Leaf Area Index 
•  Rose Bud detection

Breeders, young plant and pot plant growers are customers who are using drone technology to monitor their crop on a regular basis for seed germination, growth monitoring and flower detection applications. 

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Corvus won first place in the Tomato World Challenge in which 10 teams from different countries participated. The main goal of the competition is to fly a drone in between the tomato crops and collect as much information as possible (Corvus Call it Row Flight). Corvus is planning to commercialize row flight in 2024. 

Click the link for the Tomato world challenge video:

Corvus next service in line is the Corvus Maps: Remote Crop Monitoring, All your Plants in a Glance.

•  This is the google maps for the growers to see their single bay and their plants individually. 
•  Each grower can get their own map of their bays and like in the google maps they can zoom in to each individual plant. With this the grower can see all the plants at the same time and also get insight of the overview of his bays. 
•  In simple terms it is a single image which is a combination of all the images taken by the drone stitched together.(Corvus calls it Orthomosaic).  
•  The Grower can be at home and get his greenhouse bay top down view by a web application in which he can drill down to each plant.

June 2023 Corvus Maps will be released.

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