Jenbacher greenhouse solutions from INNIO – your gas engine expert

In today’s greenhouses, you can simultaneously increase your crop yield and effectively control your CO2 emissions. 

Jenbacher’s combined heat and power (CHP) systems provide electricity for onsite or public grid use along with the heat and CO2 fertilization needed to increase your greenhouse’s total efficiency, profitability, and plant production. 

By increasing the intensity of the artificial grow light that is found in some greenhouses, plants absorb even more CO2. Plant growth and the subsequent harvest yield can be significantly increased by enriching the greenhouse environment with CO2, keeping the temperature constant, and providing sufficient lighting.

Today, approximately 1,700 Jenbacher CHP units have been installed in greenhouses worldwide, providing more than 3,800 MW of power.


Ready for H2

As an early pioneer in engines with hydrogen and renewable gases, INNIO is accelerating the evolution toward clean energy solutions.  

We offer our Jenbacher portfolio with the option to operate on H2 quantities of up to 25% in volume added to the gas grid. By 2025 we plan to offer our engines at 100% hydrogen operation. For you, that means no carbon-lock in! Our “Ready for H2” option facilitates a transition from traditional fuels today to H2 operation in the future, once H2 becomes readily available.

Finally, we don’t strand your asset. If you already have a Jenbacher unit, it likely can be converted to hydrogen operation.