2nd Ornamental Plants, Landscape, Gardening and Production Technologies Fair

8 September 2022 | Int. Greenhouse Guide |

Flora Expo Antalya – 21-24 September 2022

We invite you to the Flora Expo at Antalya – Turkey. 
For Registration, please visit https://vexpo.tk/UGB
For any questions or information please contact WA: +905374434841

Exhibitor Profile and Products to be Exhibited is as below.

•  Indoor, Outdoor & Potted Ornamental Plants
•  Seasonal & Mediterranean Ornamental Plants
•  Cut Flowers & Vertical Gardening
•  Tropical & Desert Plants
•  Natural Roll-on Lawn Bulbs
•  Flower Seed & Grass Seed
•  Landscape Application Design & Materials
•  Production Materials & Greenhouse Systems
•  Gardening Supplies & Accessories
•  Florist Supplies
•  Ornamental Pools & Biological Pools
•  Machinery & Equipment’s
•  Garden, Park & Urban Furniture

Web Site: https://vexpo.tk/UGBv


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