50 Years VERBA Feeders ( With Video ! )

Nijnsel, located in the heart of “De Meierij van ’s-Hertogenbosch”, the traditional wooden shoe region in the south of the Netherlands. Where technology and craft come together. The perfect location for VERBA, producer of the perfect pig feeder. We are the proud makers of innovative pig feeders for the national and international market. Feeding systems for every stage of a pig’s life. VERBA was founded in 1971 by Bert Verbakel.

As a pig farmer he saw what’s important in stables better than anyone: hygiene and efficiency, but also safety and sustainability. That’s why he was the first producer who stopped using Eternit in the late 1970s and switched to recycled plastic. It didn’t end there. VERBA was also the inventor of the wet feeder in the early 1980s. This cut manure production by 50%, an enormous improvement for the environment. VERBA, still a family business, has sustained that innovative approach. The new VERBA generation offers pig feeders in two hundred variants, the widest range in the world. Of the highest quality, and optimized for ease of use and animal welfare.

Our unique designs ensure the optimal feed conversion ratio. We also produce piglet covers and underfloor heating for farrowing pens. And we are specialists in customization. Sustainability is leading in everything we do. We use close to 100 percent recycled materials. On top of that, our paper, plastic and stainless steel waste is also recycled. Our machines run on solar energy. And we select our suppliers as close to our location as we can, to reduce CO2 emissions from transport. Our closely knit dealer network brings our products all over the world. Maybe soon also in your stables.


VERBA. The perfect feeder.

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