7 reasons to choose the Rotecna TR2 feeder

1 June 2022 | Int. Livestockhousing Guide |

In the fattening phase, feeding represents more than 70% of the costs, so in this phase, the choice of the equipment model with which to work takes on more importance. The Rotecna TR2 is an “ad libitum” fattening feeder with a gate and adjustable flow rate and front access. Here are 7 reasons why you should choose this feeder:

1. Ease of access for two large animals at the same time.

The design of its mouths in V makes access more comfortable, allowing two large pigs to eat without problems. The inclination and height of the pan allow the animal to place its head inside and to access the feed naturally, which avoids fights over food and calmer and more stable groups are achieved.

2.Easy regulation with the feeder full (sandwich skimmer).

The exclusive design of the skimmer allows it to be adjusted with the feeder full of feed.

3. Better feed drop.

Its special design prevents the accumulation of feed and its caking (especially flour), as well as facilitates its internal sliding.

4. Greater durability in optimal conditions.

Being made entirely of plastic (high-density polypropylene) and stainless steel, it is a feeder that is highly resistant to wear and tear due to the use of the animal and to corrosive and oxidizing agents (feed and water) for a long time.

5. Optimizes transportation and assembly.

To optimize space in transport, the TR2 is presented stacked and palletised.

6. Hygiene and disinfection.

The absence of corners and the presence of feet at the base of the feeder make cleaning and disinfection tasks easier for the farmer. The absence of porosity in the material used maintains hygiene and guarantees better disinfection.

7. Lids help keep animals healthy. The use of lids reduces the level of suspended particles and helps to preserve the health of the animals, and minimizes the health risks of contracting infectious diseases. In addition, it improves the preservation of the organoleptic characteristics of the food, and prevents food losses, preventing the access of insects, birds and rodents to the feeder.

More information: www.rotecna.com

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