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Many developments are taking place in the field of agriculture, which includes the area of cubicle floor bedding. The costs of deep litter stables, and their relation to cubicle floor bedding, are being discussed more and more. The prices of wood chippings and saw dust have tripled over the last years due to shortages. By cooperating with Van Hall Larenstein, Agriprom has researched the differences in cubicle floor bedding.


For dairy farming, cubicle bedding is becoming an increasing issue for furbishing the stables. This is because of the interests of the farmer (labour), economic reasons and the health of the cows.


For this study, a comparison was made between mainly Agroprom cow mattresses (called: Mammouth and Agriflex) and deep litter stables. During this research, it quickly became clear that the cow mattress is the most labour friendly solution. The average Dutch farmer only spends about 25 minutes a day to maintain the Agriprom cow mattresses. This is mainly because the mattresses are easy to clean, and the limited use of sawdust.


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