Agriprom – “Energetic®” Latex new name for 100% latex

Many manufacturers claim that they offer a latex underlayer, but these are often underlayers of PU foam in combination with a small amount of latex.

Some suppliers say they are using ‘Latex”, but why is the latex underlayer used by AGRiPROM so unique? Latex has the great advantage that it always come back in the original size and stays flexible guaranteed. Cow mattresses filled with Energetic® latex will show after years of use no deformation which benefits comfort, cleaning and hygiëne. No wonder that many manufacturers abuse the term latex. AGRiPROM is the only manufacture in who produces a 100% latex underlayer.

“Energetic®” latex from AGRiPROM is unique that is shown by the comparative test of DLG, where the 100% latex underlayer of AGRiPROM is plotted against the different other underlayers, which for only a part or not at all exists of latex. The AGRiPROM underlayer is the winner of this test!

Because the name latex frequently is abused by different manufactures, AGRiPROM has introduced the brand “Energetic®”. This name is protected and only products that have the name “Energetic®”, are guaranteed 100% latex and secure the ultimate quality for cowmattrasses.


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