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15 July 2015 | Int. Livestockhousing Guide |

Oversized ceiling fans

The name Arntjen has been synonymous with superior cow comfort for more than 35 years. Aside from their innovative curtain systems and their lighting and ventilation ridge, this North-Germany company is widely known for their efficient oversized fans. With the latest incarnation of their successful line of fans, Arntjen is presenting a new Fresh Air Fan that is powerful and energy-efficient at the same time.

ARNTJEN® Fresh Air Fans are one of a kind!

These new Fresh Air Fans are equipped with magnet motors and no longer require a gearbox! The speed control (frequency converter) is fitted directly on the drive units. Their aerodynamic “three-surface” blades allow the fans to achieve a perfect power-to-performance ratio. This unique feature translates to a power consumption that equals approx. 15% of the energy used by axial fans! This signifies energy cost savings of up to 85%.

Avoid heat-induced stress for dairy cows!

High-yield cows start suffering from heat-induced stress when exposed to temperatures as low as approx. 20°C! The added stress causes the cows to reduce their feed intake, easily lowering their milk yield by as much as 20%. The diameter of ARNTJEN® Fresh Air Fans ranges from 2.5 to 7 meters. At 0.3 KW to 1.4 KW, the energy consumption of the fans is exceptionally low. ARNTJEN® Fresh Air Fans generate a continuous, large-volume flow of air. The air is pushed down towards the ground, forcing it to expand horizontally towards the outside. This movement of air also provides for a thorough “flushing” of the lying area of the dairy cows.

Innovative pivoting version*

Starting in 2015, Arntjen will also be offering a pivoting version (2.5m or 3m in diameter). Since it can be mounted at an infinitely variable angle ranging from 0° to 90°, this fan increases air circulation and will supply even the most hard-to-reach sections of the cow barn.

*) Special brochure projected for 2015

The advantages of the Fresh Air Fan

• Constant flow of fresh air! (same in the summer and the winter)

• Greater comfort for man and animal!

• Higher performance – improved health!

• No heat-induced stress! (especially while in the waiting room)

• Drier hooves (drier gangways and lying areas)

• Less ammonium and dust in the air!

• Fewer or no flies and birds! (transmission of diseases)

• Perfectly quiet fan operation! (no gearbox, with magnet motor)

• Only 15% of the power typically consumed by axial fans! (perfect power-to-performance ratio)

• Pivoting version allows for angles between 0° and 90°

Our disadvantage

• Fresh Air Fans are too affordable!

Arntjen Fresh Air Fans – we offer you stellar performance – at an affordable price!

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