Automatic feeding is ready for you

The Lely Vector takes a next step in automatic feeding and an evolution that has everything we have learned since it was introduced in 2012. We have looked at cattle and listened to our customers. We kept proven principles but improved a large parts of the system. The combination of the proven principles of automatic feeding and our focus on animal health, reliability and cost-efficiency has resulted in an automatic feeding system that is ready for you.

More durable
The Lely Vector MFR is even more durable because other materials have been used for essential parts. For example, the bin and auger are made entirely of stainless steel.

The design has been made more service-friendly in many aspects. The drive and electrical components have been made more accessible, resulting in a system that is faster and easier to maintain.

The bumper is galvanized, and the design of the bumper has been completely renewed for extra safety and less risk of damage.

A better distribution of the knives and a constant rotational speed of the auger creates a more consistently mixed and a more balanced ration. A magnet has also been added to the MFR, which removes metal particles from the feed.

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