Bato is expanding and taking over industry partner Tomatenhakenwikkelbedrijf van den Wijngaart

1 November 2021 | Int. Greenhouse Guide |

Bato Plastics, globally active as a supplier in horticulture specialising in plastic and biodegraable plastic horticultural products, is expanding and taking over Tomatenhakenwikkelbedrijf van den Wijngaart (TvdW). TvdW produces high wire hooks that are primarily used for tomato cultivation. Bato is delighted with this takeover and will now be able to offer its customers an even more complete range of horticultural products. 

Tomatenhakenwikkelbedrijf van den Wijngaart produces custom-wound tomato hooks that are used in tomato and cucumber cultivation around the world. TvdW was founded in 1994 by Han and Jolanda van den Wijngaart and is located in Galder, North Brabant. Thanks in part to a unique efficient production system, TvdW is a top global player producing almost 30 million wound tomato hooks every year.

Under the leadership of the Van den Wijngaart family, the company has grown into a solid business with a loyal customer base. Quality and reliability are key priorities. As one of the first in the market, TvdW focused on sustainability and winding with biodegradable twine This is a great factor in common because Bato is also leading in the use of bio-based, biodegradable and compostable materials.

Han van den Wijngaart: “Demand for products has been increasing for some time, and the need to expand our production capacity kept coming up more frequently. Due to our age, and without succession within the family, we decided to look for a new owner. We looked for a suitable company, preferably active in the sector with the same drive, quality and high service level to ensure the future of our company and the relationship with our customers.”.

The company currently still operates from its original location in Galder. In the second quarter of 2022, TvdW will be physically integrated with Bato in Zevenbergen.

Gert-Jan Spierings, managing director at Bato, explains: “We have the space and resources in Zevenbergen to expand the production capacity of the high-wire hooks step by step and to meet the growing customer demand even better. With the addition of the high wire hooks to our current range, we will be able to offer our customers an even more complete range of horticultural products. In particular, our partners in vegetable cultivation can now come to us for their clips, supports, substrate troughs, and high wire hooks.”

Jolanda van den Wijngaart: “After almost 30 years, it is time to take our company to the next level and for us to take a step back. With Bato as the new owner, we are confident that our company is in good hands and has a bright future.”

For customers and suppliers, little will change. Bato has been active as a partner in horticulture for over 35 years, knows the market like no other, and largely serves the same customer base. Han and Jolanda van den Wijngaart will continue to be involved in the integration, production and sales of the high wire hooks within Bato.



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