Battery-powered EasyTrack crop care trolley

A trust-worthy basis and intuitive joystick controls

Greenhouses that don’t have a pipe rail system can be found all over the world. In order to be able to take care of the crop economically and efficiently there, Berg Hortimotive developed the EasyTrack. A height-adjustable crop care trolley on four sturdy pneumatic tires, which can automatically drive through the paths at a fixed low speed. Thanks to the foot control, the employee can always work with two hands while making small corrections in the direction of travel via the joystick. Even more; the ergonomic EasyTrack went through all stability tests very smoothly!

In greenhouses where there is no pipe rail system, people often take care of the crop by simply walking through the paths. In addition to the fact that this takes a relatively long time, requires a lot of man-hours and is tiring, this also causes problems when the crop grows higher. In those cases it is necessary to drag certain climbing aids such as stairs to be able to carry out the relevant work at height. Even more work, even heavier and moreover relatively dangerous.

Easy control
Berg Hortimotive developed the EasyTrack especially for these companies. A robust crop care machine that is equipped with four sturdy pneumatic tires that have sufficient grip in the open ground. By means of a simple, intuitive control, the user sets a low speed in the path, after which he starts the EasyTrack with the foot pedal. In this way he has and keeps two hands free to care for the crop while releasing the pedal brings the carriage to a quick and safe stop. To make small corrections to the direction of travel, a tap on the joystick is sufficient.

Beyond the paths, a higher – but safe – speed can be chosen whereby the user benefits from the flexibility and maneuverability of the EasyTrack. The EasyTrack can of course drive forwards and backwards and can be used by one person. The platform offers space for a maximum of two people.

By placing the center of gravity of the EasyTrack very low, the crop care trolley is maximally stable, even when working at heights. This stability has been further improved by the wide wheelbase and the fact that the work platform lies between them. The EasyTrack has successfully passed all necessary tests.

The height-adjustable work platform is also designed to be as safe as possible, but certainly ergonomic. Thanks to the smart construction and practical securing, the platform can be easily adjusted and then used safely.

Minimal maintenance
Finally, the maintenance requirement has been minimized by making use of technologies and techniques that have more than proved themselves in horticulture. Furthermore, only high-quality materials are used that are provided with a strong but environmentally friendly coating. The parts that require occasional maintenance are easily accessible. Sensitive parts – such as the battery – are always properly and safely protected. Speaking of the battery: this traction battery has sufficient capacity to use the EasyTrack for a few days. The status of the battery is easy to read on the display.

In summary: With the purchase of an EasyTrack, the user can save working hours and improve his business processes with regard to efficiency, ergonomics and safety.

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