Benomic S-line series of mobile scissor lifts for tomato cultivation

TüV approved, ergonomic and flexible

In response to new directives and regulations in the field of safety, Berg Hortimotive (De Lier, NL) has completely re-engineered its Benomic range of mobile scissor lifts. The result is the ergonomic S-line series: approved by the TüV, and incorporating state-of-the-art technology to make it as efficient, easy and comfortable as possible in its day to day use. The redesigned scissor mechanism enables safe working at up to 6.6 m high.

With the new Benomic S-Line series, Berg Hortimotive introduces an ergonomic, robust and flexible mobile scissor lift for the cultivation and care of tomato plants (training, pruning and pinching). The new series is based on the proven and popular Benomic scissor lifts, but with various improvements and modifications.

All versions are only available through the (inter)national dealer network of Berg Hortimotive.

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